Rules for Subbuteo Table Soccer On-line Tournament

Dear International players,
an English version of the web platform to play is now available. We didn’t have enough time to translate everything… we thank you for playing with us, and if you have any questions email to

You play alone at Home at the time You want

Categories :
– Traditional Subbuteo (old materials)
– Modern Table Soccer materials (commonly used in FISTF )

Quick instructions :

  • Register in the web platform as a New User (a valid email is required)
  • You will receive the password by email
  • Login (check ‘remember me on this computer’ option)
  • then choose the Tournament (Table soccer / Subbuteo)
  • click on “Partecipate” to Registrate You as a player
  • (Delete to Cancel Registration)

The Tournament has the common structure of Table Soccer / Subbuteo FISTF Tournaments with Groups Stage ( 4 players in a Group ) and then Elimination Stage. A web platform manage all the tournament.

See a game page with Videos as a quick Example

The game is played this way:
You shoot 10 “kicks” in a goal with a “fixed goalkeeper”, and Your score is the number of goals (for example 7 on 10 shots). The score is valid if You share the video with the shots (see below).

The same Your opponent (for example he scores 6 on 10 shots).

You win the match 7-6 !!! The Staff check the Videos.

The platform on the web manages the entire tournament .

Players must register on the platform (is free): a valid email is required .

You receive a password by email to Login.

After Login You can play “practice games” and You can Register to the tournaments (Traditional Subbuteo or
Modern Table Soccer).

You can play Your Game ( Your 10 Shoots) when You wants (a dead line is defined for each stage) .
In this kind of Tournaments, in fact, everyone plays alone when he wants, and than shares the Video.

What is needed

To play, obviously from home, you need: (by Category Modern Table Soccer or Traditional Subbuteo):

  • A field (or even half a field) for Table Soccer / Subbuteo with regular goal.
  • Team (just a miniature) and ball for Table Soccer / Subbuteo
  • an object that we will use “as a goalkeeper” : 6 AA batteries joined together to form a block with scotch tape.
  • we recommend a background (for example of cardboard) to be placed behind the goal to prevent the ball from falling over each shot and wasting time looking for it.

To shoot shots and share the video

  • A smartphone (or other video system) to video-shoot You while you are shooting the 10 shots (*)
  • You must be able to connect to the internet to see timetables, matches, etc. on the website
  • You must Login and access the game page and read the “match validation Code” (see below)
  • Write on a paper sheet with a marker the “validation code” and show it near the goal during the Video of the shooting (see below)
  • You must be able to share the Videos on Google Drive or Facebook or Youtube.
  • the Video may be from a stationary smartphone put on the pitch or a family member can make the video for You.

On the website you will find a link to “play” some test/practice games. So you will be well prepared for the tournament games

These are the 10 position from where You will shoot.

Notice that for position n. 8, 9 and 10 the “miniature” is far from the ball.

How to play the game (on-line You will find the english version )

Register (Registrati) and You will receive an email with the password to login (use the “remember me” option for direct login next times)

1 Login* and Access the Tournament and then the Game page where you appear as a player (vai alla partita).

2 Prepare yourself so that nothing is missing.

3 When you are ready, click on “Start Game” (Inizia Partita)

4 The system shows you a “Code” (Codice), you write it with a marker on a paper sheet , and you fix it, clearly visible, near the goal. For each game the code will be different (i.e 5981-491).

5 The system records the start date and time of your game.

6 Make the video recording to start (fixed or with operator).

7 Perform the sequence of shots as predetermined within the maximum time (approximately 3 minutes).

8 As soon as you have finished shooting, save the video and share it on Youtube (or Facebook or Google Drive).

9 Go back to the game web page, copy the “video sharing link” in the space provided, sign the goals scored (“goal segnati”) and save (“salva“).

10 The staff will check and confirm the result.

The same will by done by Your opponent (may be at a different time).

Then we will have the final result of the match!

In any case will it be possible to repeat the game / sequence of shots. If unexpected things happen, keep going and try to do the best you can.

WARNINGS It is necessary that the Video is made in order to guarantee the regularity of the result:

  • Say hello and make yourself recognized
  • Write the “code” as indicated and make sure it is clearly visible in the video
  • During the shooting, the ball, the goal, the palyer and a large portion of the field must always be visible.
  • There must be NO interruptions of any kind during the video
  • DO NOT use the pause / stop / forward / reverse button
  • DO NOT make any type of editing / processing of the Video.
  • Miniatures, ball and “fixed goalkeeper” must always be placed in the right positions before each shot.
  • It is mandatory to share the video and leave it visible online at least for the entire duration of the tournament .
  • Make sure there are no inappropriate images or phrases in the video.
  • Make a trial test before playing the Tournment It is not necessary to record the Video in high resolution, which is instead “heavy” to transfer / share.
  • PENALTY: in case of irregularity, the Staff may cancel one or more goals or assign “zero” as a result or disqualify the player from the Tournament.The decisions will be motivated and communicated by email to the Player by the Staff.

DELAYS: if the player does not “play” the game within the set deadlines, the Staff will assign him “zero” as a score.

IN CASE OF DRAW in the ELIMINATION STAGE: a “bonus” goal will be assigned to the player who took less time to make all the shots.